The Future of Digital Marketing

Our Unique 3-D Approach 


The Latest In New Technology

Multi-million dollar campaigns take you to a landing page first responding to the mobile 5 second attention rule.  Simple large format with take action buttons for your prospective customers and still allow routing to your website as needed. 

Professional Video Shoot

Landing Page

Hailed as a powerhouse for retention and call to action.  Video captures attention and puts you on Steroids with Search Engines.  Business Video is expected to increase 10 fold in the next 2 years.   Video gets you seen and generates new customers.

Digital Advertising

Our Affordable Paid Listing Portal promotes and prioritizes your business in over 60 key directories and social media sites.  Now in use by over 1/2 million businesses this portal has a direct application interface allowing for updates in content, media, coupons, etc all from a centralized dashboard.

People watch it

Believable and Personal

They take action

Video Puts you on search Steroids

Google Owns YouTube

Ranking on Google’s first page is an SEO’s top priority, so it is difficult to ignore the 2015 Forrester study that says “pages with video are 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results. Google SERPs always prioritizes video results.

Request Information or coupon offers -- customer information is captured for ongoing marketing.

We Drive Customers To you with greater conversion success.

How People Get Here

Directory and Search Engine Optimization

Google Crawls all the sites and assembles your visibility and rankings.

What Does it look like

Video Button

Phone Button

Website Link

Take Action Forms

Email Capture

Some Action Features

Some Video Examples

Revenue Value

New Customers


Digital Cost

Simple ROI

Consumers are led to your new marketing and branding pages with the right presentation who become paying clients that can also generate  repeat business.

We maximize what we do for every client and guarantee visible results while keeping your costs down.

Monthly Rewards

New Monthly Customers

Pricing Formula


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